Foot orthoses are used to either treat a condition that is resulting in pain and discomfort, or to correct various alignment issues that might be caused by conditions of the foot. They can also be used to treat knee, hip and lower back pain that is caused by malalignment of the feet. The main function of a foot orthotic is to keep the foot in the ideal and most energy efficient position. To do this we aim to support the foot’s structure and keep the ankle in a neutral position.

Each pair of foot orthoses are custom made to each person’s feet. Using pressure mapping and CAD technology, we can design a custom orthotic to the finest detail. This ensures that each patient gets a pair of orthotics that are designed to fit them perfectly and to give the optimal correction.

Gait Analysis

We utilize this advanced pressure mapping and gait analysis as part of our assessment of patients with biomechanical disorders, neuromuscular disorders and diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy.