Ottobock M1

Ottobock Motus

The Motus is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customized to your unique preferences.

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Adjustable on the fly, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allows for more comfortable seating.

Optionally, you can get your Motus with compact, fixed front frame and single panel aluminum footrest.

Always on the go? The Motus can be folded quickly to make transport and storage simple, saving you time and energy.

Wheel Settings

The Motus has a modular design approach with 48 different wheel settings. No matter your size or your driving style, you will be able to adapt its settings to your unique specifications. Toe-in and toe-out adjustment offers you a better alignment of your rear wheels, minimizing rolling resistance and saving power.

Increased positioning

Angled front frame allows increased horizontal positioning of caster wheels - and improved forward stability. Caster housing alignment is easily adjusted.

Lock and load

Knee-Level lock lever is both stiff and easy to operate—and won’t rotate around chair frame.

Framing Options

Choose from a variety of framing color options: Candy Red, Sparkle Blue Green, Dormant Marine Blue, Anthracite Metallic, and Deep Black.

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Ottobock Zenit
The Zenit is a completely new product whose appearance and handling sets it apart from Ottobock’s previous wheelchairs for active use. Thanks to the patented Easy-Go folding system, the Zenit can be unfolded with very little effort. Together with the folding back, the Zenit’s folding mechanism gives it an unbeatable transportation size.

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The Zenit is impressively lightweight without sacrificing stability and offers a variety of options for the user.

The Zenit’s patented Easy-Go folding mechanism offers an alternative to the crossbrace used up to now. Its novel feature is that the wheelchair can be unfolded with extremely little effort. With a tug on a cord, the folding mechanism is released so the wheelchair can be folded together. This works best when the Zenit is positioned to the side of the user. This feature is an added bonus particularly when loading the wheelchair in a car, as the user does not need to shift their
centre of gravity outwards as they typically would. The Zenit’s footplate automatically folds together with the wheelchair.

Seat height and centre of gravity of the Zenit are adjustable via the rear wheel adapter. It is designed such that the centre of gravity can be set 1.2 cm more actively
or passively by turning the adapter. This benefits both experienced users, who are already familiar with adjusting their centre of gravity, and first-time users.
The adapter can also be shifted on the frame tube.

The Zenit is available in elegant carbon or in aluminium. The latter version is available in all Ottobock colours including anodised colours.

Product Features:

  • The Zenit’s back support is angleadjustable (-10, -5, 0, +5, +10°). When the back support is folded completely down, the Zenit has an extremely small transportation size.
  • During transport, the back support remains locked for as long as desired.
  • Both folding and short push handles can be ordered. The short push handles were optimised for a low weight during the development process and can be selected as options.
  • The ultra-light seat and back upholstery optimised for low weight can be chosen as an option for the Zenit.
  • As additional storage space is often required, the Avantgarde 4 is equipped with an attractively designed back bag integrated into the back support upholstery, which is not only easily accessible but also easy to close with a magnetic closure.
  • A patented footrest fixation for added stability is available as an option.

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Ottobock Ventus Play

Kim Elena is 20 years old, spina bifida, wheelchair user, social sciences student: "I came into this world as a spina bifida child. I grew up in the countryside. Everything was simpler there.

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Now I have been living in the city for a year, and it was a big adjustment. There are a lot more barriers, many buildings are not wheelchair accessible, and often it's a struggle to find a way in. But there are always fellow students to help me. I consider that very positive.

After all, life is always about overcoming obstacles, also in living with other people. Many people need support ... which was the fundamental reason why I decided to study social sciences.

By the way, a wheelchair can also be a barrier, more of an obstacle than a help. I have used many wheelchairs in my life and some of them were very uncomfortable. While others decided for me in the past, I make my own choices now. Sitting comfort and optimum adaptation are crucial for me. You really notice these factors after spending the first day in a wheelchair. In fact you even notice them when you first sit down. Quasi right away. That's how it is."

Kevin is 33 years old, partial paraplegic TH 11/12 after an occupational accident, wheelchair user, ski racer, wakeboarder, hand biker and kite surfer: "I started out with a handicap. As a young boy, I had to wear a cast for two and a half years because of damage to my hip joint, followed by an exercise machine, and I couldn't participate in sports until I was 14. Then I went for it and really caught up in sports. I proved that I can do it.

In 2002 I had an accident. I was working on a roof when I broke through the scaffolding and fell ten metres. Since then I've been a paraplegic. At the time, I soon asked myself: Are you going to let this stop you? No, I told myself, and so I rose to the challenge. I fought and I always won. I became a ski racer and was a member of the national team at the 2006 Paralympics in Turin. I know without a doubt that it's possible to take an active role in life. You just have to want it.

My wheelchair has to stand up to that. Even if it's not permanently welded, it should almost feel like it. Stability is crucial, it's the most important thing. It needs to be robust, just like me. After all, my motto is: A wheelchair knows no pain!"

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Ottobock Avantgarde CLT

The lightweight

9,200 grams of ergonomics

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Demonstrating individuality has never been easier: At just 9,200 grams, the CLT is the lightweight of the new Avantgarde series. This significant weight advantage of the folding frame active wheelchair is achieved through the modular lightweight design and tubular aluminium frame with central double crossbrace. A drive wheel adapter supports fine-tuning of the tipping point, wheelbase, seat angle, wheel camber and toe-in. For experienced users who are confident in their sitting position, a permanently welded version without adapters is available as an alternative offering an even further weight reduction.

Basic Technical Data  
Load capacity 100 kg
Weight adjustable approx. 10 kg
Weight welded approx. 9 kg
Transport Weight  
Frame adjustable approx. 8.000 g
Frame welded approx. 7.000 g
Drive wheel from 1.250 g

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Ottobock Avantgarde CS

Winning image

Sporty design in Pure Metal Green

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The new Avantgarde CS is ideal for all those who want to ride through life boldly, letting nothing slow them down. Thanks to outstanding agility and manoeuvrability, the folding frame active wheelchair is equally convincing in confined spaces and over long distances. Special features of the "Powerbox" include compact exterior dimensions with a highly stable design and closed anterior frame with integrated footrest. Frame angles of 70 and 80 degrees allow the legs to be positioned at the desired angle. A 90-degree frame without footrest for bilateral amputees rounds out the selection.

Basic technical data  
Load capacity 140 kg
Weight approx. 11 kg
Transport weight  
Frame approx. 8.500 g
Drive wheel from 1.250 g

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Ottobock Avantgarde CV

The all-round talent

Perfect handling

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Every day serves up fresh challenges. With the new Avantgarde CV, you can look forward to them – because you receive precisely the support you desire with sporty performance, ergonomic handling and outstanding functionality. The special details include a vertical anterior frame and swing-away, removable footrest holders allowing you to approach furniture, the bed or bathtub with precision while also facilitating a straightforward transfer. The footrest holders can be unlocked even with limited hand functionality.

Basic technical data  
Load capacity 140 kg
Weight approx. 12 kg
Transport weight  
Frame approx. 7.800 g
Footrest approx. 900 g
Drive wheel from 1.250 g

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Ottobock Voyager Evo

Every day is a journey!

Voyager Evo - only you are more individual!

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It has:
22", 24" or 25" rear wheels, folding and angle-adjustable back system, hollow rims with high-pressure tyres, horizontal active brake, minimal weight of 10 kg and countless customisation possibilities.

It is:
Open frame with custom fabrication, exotic in everyday life with an individual colour scheme, lightweight and custom-made as standard.

It will be:
Adapted to your style, your weight, your wishes and your budget. Questions?

Voyager Evo – Facts and Figures
Basic technical data  
Frame Material Aluminum alloy
Load capacity 100 kg
Weight approx. 10 kg
Transport weight  
Frame approx. 7 kg
Rear wheel from 1.25 kg

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Everyday life is varied and determines the requirements for your wheelchair for active use. But your personal preferences are crucial as well. Many people believe that all wheelchairs are the same but only people who spend everyday in a wheelchair understand how crucial it is to have one that compliments your lifestyle. Wheelchairs can be basic and sometime do come in one-size-fits-all varieties, but they can also be as custom fitted to an individual to fit their personal needs. Some patients need a wheelchair to just move around the house, one that accommodates their daily routine, but other patients may need something that will accommodate a more active lifestyle. When deciding on a wheelchair there are many things to consider, from weight to adjustability, type of seat, armrest type and position and so on. For some people deciding on a wheelchair is a very personal thing because it affects their quality of life.