Michelangelo Hand
The Axon-Bus system is a new system for transradial and transhumeral fittings. Axon stands for adaptive eXchange Of Neuroplacement data. The Axon-Bus itself is a new development by Ottobock for the field of exoprosthetics.

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It was derived from safety-related bus systems in the aviation and automotive industries and is a true innovation of our Research and Development department.

The advantage is that it constitutes an optimised, self-contained data transmission system. The individual components communicate with each other perfectly, eliminating losses in terms of data transmission, speed and functionality. This results in a plus in safety and reliability for the user. Compared to conventional systems, this is achieved by a significant reduction in sensitivity to outside interference.

In combination with the Michelangelo hand, the Axon-Bus system offers more degrees of freedom than ever before. The user benefits from enhanced hand functionality. The modular prosthesis system can be expanded with additional components in the future.

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Bebionic Configurator - Medium/Large Hand

Individual motors
in each finger allow you to move the hand and grip in a natural, coordinated manner.

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14 selectable grip patterns
and hand positions let you perform a vast number of everyday activities with ease.

Foldaway fingers
provide natural looking movement, and flex when you brush past people or bump into objects.

Soft finger pads
and a wide thumb profile maximise the surface area and enhances your grip.

Powerful microprocessors
continuously monitor the position of each finger, giving you precise, reliable control over hand movements.

Auto grip means no more accidents,
as the bebionic automatically senses when a gripped item is slipping and adjusts the grip to secure it.

Proportional speed control
gives you precision control over delicate tasks.

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i-Limb Quantum
The i-Limb Quantum is the standard for myoelectric prosthetic hands. Incorporating our patented i-mo™ technology, i-Limb Quantum is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-Limb Quantum in one of four directions – it really is that simple.

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  • Five independently articulating digits with individual stall out ability
  • 4 methods of control for ultimate freedom – Gesture, App, Muscle, Proximity
  • Faster – With our speed boost feature, digit speed can be increased by up to 30%
  • Electronically rotating thumb automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns
  • Select from up to 36 different grips available, both preprogrammed and customized
  • vari-grip™ feature for enhanced grip strength
  • auto-grasp™ feature to prevent objects from slipping
  • Industry unique Touch Care package offers unparalleled warranty support for up to 5 years
  • biosim™ and my i-limb™ software
  • Available in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium and large
  • Multiple covering options available to suit individual lifestyles
  • Titanium digits Check out our titanium strengthened digits which increase the maximum carry load by 50%. Available in S/M/L.

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System Electric Greifer Digital Twin
With quick disconnect wrist suitable for all amputation levels, except wrist disarticulation.
The Greifer features integrated flexion and extension with a quick-disconnect wrist to allow users to easily switch from wearing a quick-disconnect hand back to their Greifer.

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Giving users a powerful grip that enables excellent precision, the System Electric Greifer supports both detailed tasks as well as the handling of heavy objects. For those who work with their hands as well as for enthusiastic hobbyists, the broad range of gripping features makes the robust Greifer an essential complement to their bebionic, SensorHand Speed, or MyoHand VariPlus Speed.

The user can easily switch from their hand to the Greifer themselves in just a few seconds. Different gripping tips (hook, aluminum paddles, or standard rubber-coated) allow further customization for special tasks.

The wrist joint can be flexed 45° in either direction, minimizing harmful compensating movements and providing the user more precise control.

Familiar functionality of the System Electric Greifer:

  • Powerful
  • Large opening width
  • Robust
  • Precise
  • Speed
  • Flexion & Extension

Updated Design Adds Benefits for User:

  • LED Flashlight with 3 Dimmer Levels: Illumination of the work area, e.g. when gripping objects in drawers
  • New Darker Color: Provides a modern look while helping users to keep their device cleaner

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MCP Driver
The MCP Driver is designed for individuals with amputations through the proximal phalanx and restores the middle and distal phalanges. These body-driven, articulating devices allow patients to regain fine dexterity and natural grip patterns.

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The MCP Driver excels at restoring pinch, key, cylindrical, and power grasps, as well as grip stability. Each device is custom-designed to within millimeters of the patient’s unique anatomy to successfully mimic the complex function of a finger.

  • Silicone backplate interface for increased comfort and protection.
  • Interchangeable suspension rings to allow the patient and prosthetists to find the ideal fit for the user.
  • Shims that can be added or removed to fine-tune the fit as needed by the patient due to volume fluctuation or preference.
  • Abduction/adduction washers allow the prosthetist to adjust the mechanical finger. The freedom of motion in this component helps the patient gain optimal grip.
  • Twelve unique color choices and silicone backplate pairings allow patients to customize devices to meet their style preferences.
  • Silicone tip resembles the natural fingertip and provides added grip.
  • The cage-like structure of the stainless-steel linkages provides protection for the hypersensitive residuum.

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The hand unit will be the way a patient interacts with the world through their prosthesis and it is very important that a patient has a unit that suits their needs for their daily activities. Different hand units have different ways of working them and it is also important to take this into account when selecting one. Some hand units are more work orientated and can easily be interchanged with another device. If a patient requires it, it is possible to have many different hand units for the same prosthesis, such as one for daily activities, one for specific sports and one for work.