Mclean Alpex

McLean individual Seat Shells are made of high-quality polyurethane foam and are CFC-free. They offer an optimal sitting position allowing individual adaptation to the body shape according to therapeutic / medical requirements. An impression of the body shape is made using an assessment chair and a twopiece vacuum cushion.

Seat Shell Frame

We can supply the adjustable Aluminium Frame in 3 different sizes and in the colours grey, black and saphire blue (other colours available on request).

Seat Shell Covers

Our custom-made covers satisfy even the most stringent requirements. A special impregnation ensures that they are stain-resistant and easy to clean. An integrated layer of foam backing assists in heat disapation and helps to offer a comfortable seat. The covers have high resistance to fading are hard wearing, vacuum-formed and wash at up to 30° C. They do not lose their elasticity even after long use. The covers are suitable for use as Incontinence Covers. A full range of different covers and patterns are available, these may be combined to the colours of the frames and wheelbases.

Mclean Duo Alp
Mclean Duo Alp

Growth-specific adjustments

This seat shell allows growth-specifi c changes and adjustments to be made quickly and simply. Thanks to the elasticity of the fabric small corrections, e.g. backrest height, seat depth and width can be made without altering the cover. This results in a practical attractive system which also caters for the individual needs of your clients. Here we ensure top quality as well as optimum professional advice.

Seat Shell Accessories

We offer a range of accessories which includes Headrests, Lap Belts, Arm Rests, Chest harnesses as well as various restraints. Please see our latest price list for all accessories available.