Ottobock KidWalk

KidWalk – Discovering even more of the world

Children playfully conquer their world.

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Thanks to their healthy curiosity, the very young approach novelty without inhibition. Mobility is essential for playful learning, social integration and also physical development.

The Kidwalk dynamic walking aid allows children with severe disabilities to live out their exploratory spirit, play with other children and move about without the help of others. Not only does the Kidwalk provide stable pelvis and trunk support, it also permits walking with a largely natural gait pattern – at eye level with other children.

The concept of the walking aid is based on the normal motor development of a child. Early walking is also essential for the child's physical development: Delayed or faulty development can seriously impair the ability to walk later – or even prevent the proper formation of the bone structure (in this case especially the hips). This is why the KidWalk supports and accompanies your child during its very first steps in our exciting world.

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Ottobock Leckey
Kimba Neo
  • Functional, chic and comfortable
  • Suspension absorbs shocks

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  • Especially soft padding
  • Stable sitting position to assist with therapy
  • Individually adjustable
  • Seat can be placed so that it faces parents
  • Easy to use
  • A wide variety of additional features

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Children develop their own personality very early in life. They sense, feel, taste and smell the world in new ways every day. Special children do this in their own way. They need mobility solutions tailored to their particular needs. Mobility – as autonomous as possible – is crucial not only for your child's physical development, but also for comprehensive impressions of the environment and social interaction. We promote this development with our proven medical devices.