Malcolm Freedman
Orthotist & Prosthetist
B-Tech MOP (TUT)
HPCSA 0S 5711 Pr 0122580

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My passion is to preserve and improve the quality of life of all my patients. I aim to assist them in overcoming any physical challenges that they may face. My interests lie with lower limb biomechanical gait analysis, orthotic solutions for osteoarthritis of the knee, sport injuries and rehabilitation, as well as conservative management of scoliosis and acute spinal injuries.

My clinical experience has been enhanced by my life-long participation in cycling, longdistance running and golf. This has positively impacted my ability to understand the physical demands which we place on our bodies, as well as how best to apply my professional skills when treating and rehabilitating patients with sport injuries and other physical limitations.

Orthotist & Prosthetist
B-Tech MOP (TUT)HPCSA 0S 5711 Pr 0122580
Malcolm Freedman is a member of the South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (SAOPA).

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