Ottobock B500 Online

Safe and service-friendly

The B500 online power wheelchair with a load capacity of up to 140kg is equipped with a tried and tested VR2 control unit.

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63Ah (C5) gel batteries, plastic footplates and armrests with clothing protectors are all part of its standard equipment. The service-friendly B500 online model has an optional suspension for the chassis.For enhanced safety, the manoeuvrable B500 online can be equipped with electric lighting as well as aluminium footplates, which are also available in a single-panel version. In terms of seating options, the B500 online can be equipped with Recaro® N-Joy and Recaro® N-Joy plus seats, depending on the needs of the user.

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Ottobock B500 Classic

Modular, comfortable, variable

The B500 classic comes with the easy to operate enAble®40 control unit as standard equipment, supporting the control of two electric seat options.

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The LCD screen in the joystick housing with its large symbols facilitates comfortable control over all driving and operating parameters in any situation.

Two out of four controllable electric seat options can be chosen. They include electric seat tilt up to 45°, back angle adjustment, angle-adjustable footrests and seat height adjustment. This makes the seating systems even more comfortable.

Additional options include the new weight-adjustable, swing-away control panel holder and electric lighting. The B500 classic is the only model in the B500 family which offers the mechani-cally swivelling centre tray control unit, allowing the entire tray to be used.

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Ottobock B500 e-Europe

e stands for easy electric

Next to the benefits and options of the B500 online, the B500 e-europe also offers the option of two electric adjustments.

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With its reliable 20° tilt and quiet 30° back angle adjustment, Europe's favourite adjustments are offered in a single model. Once again the tried and tested VR2 control unit forms the basis.

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Ottobock B500 Advanced

The all-rounder

The B500 advanced offers ultimate comfort.

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While its features and characteristics are identical to those of the B500 classic, the B500 advanced is equipped with the programmable 130A enAble®50 control unit. It supports a total of four electric seat options, thereby offering maximum flexibility.

The seating systems for the B500 advanced can also be individually optimised with electric seat tilt up to 45°, electric back angle adjustment and angle-adjustable footrests. Seat height adjustment up to 40cm with a load capacity up to 130kg is also available as an option.

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Ottobock B600

Even more adaptation possibilities

The B600 is a high-quality, compact indoor and outdoor power wheelchair.

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Even with all optional add-ons, the B600 remains very compact and transportable. The telescoping frame and associated ability to adjust the centre of gravity ensure individual, optimum stability.

Thanks to the numerous special controls supported by the enAble®50 130A control unit, a high level of autonomy and independence is possible as well.

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Power wheelchair users often have a whole range of special requirements for their everyday companion. A comfortable and physiological sitting position is indispensable for the most comfortable daily routine, both in and out of the home. Numerous electric options ensure that a tailor-made solution provides the best possible day-to-day support. Because most power wheelchair users spend the entire day in their wheelchair it must be perfectly customised to their requirements. Because of this it is common to have a custom seat created for a powered wheelchair, especially when it comes to children. Powered wheelchair allow patients to have more freedom in their day to day lives, and this helps them take part in more activities without the strain of having to actively propel themselves forward.