Cheetah Xplore Junior
A custom-built, hybrid carbon fiber foot designed to function as both an everyday and sports foot. For kids that require the flexibility of an everyday walking foot and a running foot in a single prosthesis, Cheetah Xplore Junior is the answer. Cheetah Xplore couples the proven performance of our Cheetah sprinting foot with a heel for everyday walking/standing.

The 1K10 is a robust dynamic foot with a natural shape, smooth surface and formed toes. The contoured core construction and the use of foams with different characteristics result in a pleasant heel impact and, compared to the SACH* foot, an easier rollover and improved energy return. The 1K10 was designed for use in modular or exoskeletal prostheses and can be combined with a modular adapter or ankle block.

When deciding on a possible prosthetic foot many things need to be considered, such as age, activity level, daily activities, leisure activities and so on. This will be the component that transfers energy from the prosthesis to the ground and it needs to be able to keep up with the patient’s needs. It is important to choose the correct foot to prevent the risk of the prosthesis from limiting the patient. Most prosthetic feet can be used for a 30-day trial period to ensure that the patient is satisfied with the component, which also opens the door for a patient to try more than one foot in order to have a frame of reference to compare them to.