Zelda Collen

Orthotist / Prosthetist

My name is Zelda Collen, I qualified as an Orthotist Prosthetist in 2003. Started my fulltime career in private practice where I had the privilege of working alongside some of the most educated and seasoned Orthotists in the country. I received a great over view of the profession, from spinal bracing, upper and lower limb prosthetics, sports and post-operative bracing to clubfoot correction. However, I realized early on that I have a passion for lower limb biomechanics, sports bracing, corrective foot orthotics and lower limb prosthetics. To support our Mastectomy ladies with the decision of breast prosthesis and support garments reserves a special place in my heart. In 2009, I established my own private practice in the beautiful Northern Suburbs of the Western Cape. The past eight years have taught me to not just see the patient, but the person.

With the now almost 15year extensive knowledge and experience in lower limb biomechanics, foot orthotics and bracing, I have expanded my interest to the treatment of Pectus Carinatum in teenagers and cranial helmets. It is my passion to educate patients, and the public in conservative treatment methods available for an array of deformities and disabilities. Combining my efforts with the extensive dynamic group of Malcolm Freedman & Associates, I believe can make us a group of Orthotists that can support our community in every area of disability and deformity with the best products and knowledge.