RSC Scoliosis Brace

What is the RSC® Brace?

  • An advanced and sophisticated scoliosis brace.
  • Part of a successful concept.
  • Produced individually in a patented process.

All patients can rely on the unique benefits of this system. The concept is based on the Chêneau brace (created by Dr Jacques Chêneau).

What is unique about the RSC® Brace?

1Schroth Therapy and BSPTS (Barcelona School PT) are integrated

2RSC® Brace - original from Dr Rigo -> 100% reproduction

Results RSC® Brace

In brace Correction of the Cobb angle

In-Brace Correction = 47.9 %
Major curve = 53.7 %
minor curve = 36.8 %

In-Brace Correction = 49.3 %
Major Curve = 52.6 %
minor curve = 45.6 %

3Classification/model determination by Rigo -> Certification of Authenticity

4Professional support during brace treatment by scoliosis experts

  • The genuine, comprehensible cooperation of the treatment team is essential for the implementation of treatment standards and thus the reliability of treatment for producer and patient.
  • There must be transparency and self-monitoring as well as feedback from all those involved.
  • As a treatment system it is obligatory that personal results are checked and can be retraced.

5Treatment Security

  • The objective of a standardized, individual and effective treatment is achieved with the RSC® brace concept.
  • Reliability of treatment and standards is guaranteed by the fact that the RSC® brace is supplied exclusively to authorized RSC® centres.
  • Documentation provides representation of all treatment for the producer himself but particularly also for health insurance providers and boards of control.
  • The communication platform and the implemented teamwork guarantee a stage of development based on the latest scientific findings.