Silicone Liners and Sleeves

Offering a comfortable and superior suspension system, Iceross silicone liners form the foundation for optimum prosthetic performance. Iceross silicone liners help to stabilize soft tissues and minimize pistoning (stretching), while enhancing comfort and blood circulation. Össur’s range of Iceross liners has been carefully designed to accommodate differences in limb size and condition, as well as user lifestyles.

The Iceross Seal-In X5 transfemoral liner is the first liner of its kind with five integrated seals that deliver the most comfortable and secure suspension to date. Its airtight fit is thanks to the flexible silicone suction suspension system, and its minimised pistoning and enhanced rotational control allows patients to enjoy greater comfort and stability. It is recommended that Iceross Seal-In X5 Transfemoral Liner is used in conjunction with the Icelock® 500 Series Valve.
Made with the softest silicone, Iceross Dermo cushions the limb while actively caring for the skin. Ideal solution for people with vascular problems or sensitive skin. Iceross Dermo features horizontal waves designed for easier flexion at the knee, Iceross Dermo Conical also features vertical waves intended to reduce pressure at the wider, proximal end and help pr event the edges fr om rolling down. A premium suspension liner that provides superb softness, gentle skin contact and unique Active Skin Care ingredients. The combination of DermoGel® silicone with an ultra-strong and elastic Supplex® fabric cover offers excellent durability and an intimate fit. Ossur recommends that Iceross Dermo Liner with Wave is used
Iceross Transfemoral is the first suspension liner exclusively designed to provide maximum stability and control for transfemoral amputees. With new textile that has improved the adhesion by 25%, the fabric cover is extremely durable and allows radial stretch and comfortable elasticity.