Prosthetic Feet

Our range spans low-impact feet specifically designed for those with diabetic or vascular complications through to high performance feet offering outstanding shock absorption.

The PROPRIO FOOT provides unparalleled physiological benefits for transtibial amputees. Automatic ankle flexion means function is as close as you can get today to the human foot. This device thinks for itself, responding beautifully to changing terrain and transforming the approach to stairs and slopes. Overall, the effect is a more balanced and symmetric gait, preserving the rest of the body.
The FEX-FOOT® ASSURE™ is ideal as a first prosthesis or a more permanent option for the less active, particularly those experiencing poor vascular health and/or diabetes. Designed specifically for slower speed walkers, Flex-Foot Assure incorporates an active heel combined with the full-length keel that work together to protect the vulnerable sound limb. The proven design and simple fit of the Flex-Foot Assure allows basic ambulators to take advantage of premium technology just right for them.
The VARI-FLEX® with EVO™ provides an exclusive combination of comfort and dynamics. The Vari-Flex with EVO is light-weight, easy to assemble and has a slender profile which makes it easy to cosmetically cover. For users it ensures the highest levels of confidence and security. It is the ideal foot for any activity. The new EVO feature enables users to experience natural gait progression by utilising the foot plate to it’s fullest potential. A more natural gait reduces fatigue and puts less strain on the lower back and sound side.

The RE-FLEX ROTATE™ with EVO™ is a robust, high performance foot allowing users to enjoy daily living, work and leisure with the comfort and confidence to reach their full potential. Meeting Challenging requirements of the active user by combining optimal shock absorption, dynamic energy return and comfort, the Ref-Flex Rotate is one of a kind. Featuring a sleek profile and maintenance-free design, it is the first choice for active users requiring high performance, a comfortable everyday foot. The Torsion Cell reduces both rotary forces on the knee joint and shear forces on the residual limb. An integrated Torsion Cell allows rotational yield designed to protect the residual limb and knee joint. Shock absorption featuring a titanium coil spring reduces impact to the body while enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities.

The new EVO feature enables users to experience natural gait progression by utilising the foot plate to it’s fullest potential. A more natural gait reduces fatigue and puts less strain on the lower back and sound side.


The 1C30 TRIAS is an extraordinary solution for a prosthetic foot – a combination of creative design and innovative, lightweight construction. Connected double-spring elements absorb shock at heel strike and allow for smooth rollover and excellent energy return. Secure, controlled response provides the user with additional confidence.

The foot conforms to different walking speeds and uneven ground without compromising comfort, all the while, reducing load on the sound side.



The functional characteristics of the C-WALK® come from the combination of the carbon C-Spring and control ring. The synchronized interplay of components creates energy-optimised
movement. Prosthesis users benefit from cushioned heel strike to the dynamic transition into swing phase, as well as the
all-round elasticity and conformity to uneven terrain.

Thanks to the spring’s progressive response, the C-WALK® can easily adapt to a wide variety of activities without compromising function. The C-Walk® will accommodate anything
from a casual stroll for shopping to more active recreational sports, making the foot selection much simpler for the clinician.



The 1E56 AXTION® offers extraordinary functionality and performance in a lightweight, low clearance package, making it the ideal prosthetic foot for active amputees who have limited clearance. Because of it’s unique combination of low clearance and exceptional performance, the Axtion® is an ideal companion for functional prosthetic systems such as the other C-Leg® or the Harmony® System. The dynamic heel element provides shock absorption at heel strike and ensures a smooth transition into the next phase of gait.

The foot is also suitable for recreational sports with higher shock impact such as basketball and tennis.