RSC Scoliosis Brace

What is the RSC® Brace?

  • An advanced and sophisticated scoliosis brace.
  • Part of a successful concept.
  • Produced individually in a patented process.

All patients can rely on the unique benefits of this system. The concept is based on the Chêneau brace (created by Dr Jacques Chêneau).

What is special about the RSC® Brace?

RSC® Braces are made without plaster casts.
Each patient receives his own individual RSC® Brace, produced in a unique patented process. Every model is specifically designed for the curvature of the specific patient using our sophisticated system. This established process has been benefitting many patients for many years.


Malcolm Freedman & Associates is an accredited and certified RSC Brace Centre.

Security throughout treatment.

The key benefit of the RSC® Brace is the unique and highly effective biomechanical design produced just for you. Braces are delivered only to specially trained specialists in competence centres.

The RSC® Brace is more.

The RSC® Brace is more than just a brace, it is a complete system. Malcolm Freedman & Associates (Inc) is one of only 2 certified RSC Bracing centres in South Africa.

Successful treatment is based on targeted and consistent implementation. Malcolm Freedman is a member the Cape Spine Clinic where a team of specialists help ensure this basis with a comprehensive treatment concept.