Custom-designed orthotics

Many of our items are custom-built using the very latest in low temperature thermo-plastic materials – while the patient waits! This will often reduce manufacturing costs and improve service delivery to both the doctor and the patient.

resting foot slint

  • Resting Foot Splint

humerous brace

  • Humerous brace


  • Africanpix-rodger

Thumb brace

  • Wrist Brace

Specialised Services

Osteoarthritis knee bracing, corrective spinal bracing, CTEV (club foot) and orthotic devices used in the rehabilitation of cerebral vascular accident and cerebral palsy patients. We also specialize in corrective spinal bracing for the treatment of Scoliosis and Kyphosis. In our clinic we have successfully used the RSC Cheneau Brace for the management of AIS (Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis) and the S-Brace for the management of Kyphotic deformities of the spine combined with an intensive therapy regime.

Gait Analysis

Orthotics      Orthotics       Orthotics

We utilize this advanced pressure mapping and gait analysis as part of our assessment of patients with biomechanical disorders, neuromuscular disorders and diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy.