Knee Braces


Genufit 15
A tubular knee brace with polycentric hinges and a patella stabilizer.

  • Made of AirX breathable material.
  • A popliteal insert for increased comfort.
  • Patella opening with a patella stabilizer in foamed material.
  • Brackets in flexible material fixing the hinges and guiding straps.
  • Polycentric hinges.
  • Patented Flex-O closure with articulated and flexible buckle, and stabilization straps


  • Mild to moderate latero-medial instability.
  • Protection from abnormal tension in an injured knee while healing.
  • Mild instability of patella and patella-femoral arthrosis.
  • Mild arthrosis conditions.
  • Post-trauma twisted knee.
  • Condromalacia in association with ligamental strain

Genufit 08
A tubular knee protector with spiral rods and a patella stabilizer.

  • Structure in AirX breathable material – non harmful, non-cytotoxic, latex free
  • Popliteal insert in Soft-X for increased comfort
  • Patellar opening with patella stabilizer in stretchable material
  • Sheaths for rods and straps in flexible material
  • Lateral spinal function
  • Patented Flex-O closure system with supple, flexible buckle and stabilzer straps


  • Mild latero-medial instability
  • Protection from anomolous tensions on an injured knee currently healing
  • Mild patellar instability and femoral-patellar arthosis
  • Mild knee injuries
  • Mild arthrosis conditions